Bush and Tree Trimming

Caring for your landscape and garden can be a pleasurable and relaxing activity, which many homeowners enjoy, especially if they are fortunate enough to have the proverbial “green thumb”. However, tree, bush, and shrub trimming is required for perfectly manicured and thriving vegetation all year long. Horizon provides trimming services to ensure that a client’s bushes, shrubs and trees are properly maintained .

Horizon’s team first performs a full evaluation of your trees, shrubs and bushes and identifies their strengths, weaknesses and potential. New and young trees and shrubs require formative pruning in the first post-planting years. Likewise, well-established bushes and trees may require trimming twice or three times per year.

Bush and tree trimming is performed to preserve plant health and beauty – while promoting optimal rejuvenation and blooming – not to meet a mandated time schedule. Proper trimming requires plant knowledge and expertise, as some plant varieties need direct manual labor while others thrive from application of external equipment. Depending on varieties and purposes of woody vegetation, trimming techniques and times can be adjusted so the vegetation maintains strength and nurtures resilience to withstand weather changes, pests or weeds.

All bushes and trees should be considered in an overall landscape and correlate with its general design. Contemporary looks require crisp edges, flat tops, and perfectly manicured and shaped bodies, while natural-oriented landscapes allow “wilder” growths and shapes. Our professionals ensure your woody vegetation provides your landscape with shade, privacy, color, texture and depth, in full compliance and coordination with the landscape design, environmental requirements, and the general style.