Excavation services you can trust

No need to worry about digging into the ground. We’ll get the job done. Our skilled and experienced excavation professionals will take care of all the dirt and you can focus on more important things in life.

Features section:

Complete excavation services

We offer both residential and commercial excavation services that are perfect for any size project with a wide range of uses. From tree pits to new building foundations, we can get it done for you. And we’re licensed, insured, and certified so you know you’re in good hands.

Safe, reliable excavation service

With a fleet of well-maintained equipment and an experienced crew of professional excavators, we offer a safe and reliable excavation service that won’t disappoint.

Excavation that does more

Horizon Lawns can help with the digging that you need!

Dig your way to a beautiful lawn

Don’t let your grass ruin your day. We offer excavation services that include digging and backfilling, sod removal and installation, seeding and watering, and more.

One call does it all

We’ve got you covered from start to finish. Simply give us a call and we’ll help you get things done in no time.