Landscaping is a complex and intricate procedure to create a site that is both aesthetically and environmentally pleasing. It requires much more than planting several flowers, pruning and trimming some shrubs, or adding a tree for shade or privacy.

Rather, landscaping is an art form, following design trends and utilizing specific equipment to create a veritable “ personal patch of paradise.” An experienced and qualified landscaping company can transform your yard into an outdoor oasis for the entire family as well as drastically increase the value of your home. Horizon’s landscape maintenance team provides options to design the right landscaping for your lifestyle, budget, and personal taste.

How Can Horizon Enhance Your Landscape?

Step 1: When you choose Horizon landscaping services, we will first offer an evaluation of the property in its current state.
(I think the order is wonky here… I’ve taken the liberty of moving elements into more chronological sense. I hope that’s okay.)

Step 2: Our Horizon landscaping team member will then coordinate your ideas for your landscape vision for the site. If you choose, we will likewise offer professional recommendations for additional possible design options to enhance your property. Regardless, our team member will work with you to implement the best landscaping design to fully coordinate with your home and lifestyle.
We offer mulching services, bush and tree trimming, as well as planting and plant maintenance . We always discuss flower and plant options before we install so that you can approve your landscaping plan and envision an outdoors that you love.

Step 3: Upon choosing the landscape elements to add and implement onto the property, we begin the work. You’ll end up with a yard that you can’t wait to show off – all without the “heavy lifting”!

Step 4: As you know, a perfectly well-kept landscape requires proper maintenance. This is why our integrated services are available to you to augment your service request We provide lawn mowing, aeration, fertilization, weed control, and spring & fall cleanups. A gorgeous and healthy lawn and landscape requires requires maintenance to eliminate weeds and deter pests to boost lawn health with proper ongoing care.