Lawn Mowing

After more than a decade of lawn mowing, our company stands proudly today as an industry standard, servicing residential and commercial properties alike with dedication and responsibility. Lawn mowing may appear relatively easy, but, in fact, it incorporates an art and a science. Horizon Lawns knows this better than most as our business history has allowed us to gain knowledge as well as hone skills and practices. Home and business owners in our community agree: a perfectly neat, clean and manicured lawn is achieved through hard work, skills, experience and full command of horticulture expertise and practices.

Some important aspects of lawn mowing cannot be overlooked , although some homeowners (and, unfortunately, some other green industry contractors) tend to ignore:

  • Lawn mowing equipment should at all times arrive on site in perfect condition and functionality with sharp and clean blades.
  • Mowing height should be adjusted depending on the grass variety, season, and current climacteric conditions for optimal and healthy growth.
  • The mowing pattern should be regularly changed so the grasses undergo less stress.
  • Standard practice recommends mixing and rotating various grass types to prevent grass stress and the proliferation of pests and diseases.
  • According to recent horticulture research, grass clippings can remain as a supplemental source of fertilizer; however, depending on the customer’s request and the site, we will remove grass clippings.
  • Our company distinguished itself as a hallmark of exemplary practices because our staff is detail-oriented. Regardless of the task, we use our strict checklist before we leave the client’s property to ensure we have not missed a single detail. Upon our departure, you simply enjoy your lawn.