Why Choose Horizon’s Mulching Services?

Our professional team is fully trained in lawn care techniques – including the varied aspects of proper mulching. Members are highly qualified to assess your lawn and landscape, identify the fertilization and protection needs of the vegetation, and perform mulch applications in full compliance with the soil’s needs and the current climate conditions.

We offer total flexibility; customers may request mulching as a one-time job or add it to a more complex year-round lawn care program.

Mulching is a vital element of lawn care maintenance. While mulching can be performed by any homeowner, proper mulching entails often overlooked aspects. Plantings, trees and flower beds should be mulched in full accordance with the soil’s fertilization needs, its pH, sun / shade predominance, soil moisture, weeds, and pests’ threats and specific climate conditions.

Horizon Lawns has more than a decade of experience in correctly applying mulch during vital times during the year, when vegetation needs the nourishment and protection required to maintain health and growth.
Our company built its reputation on the use of science-based methods and environmentally friendly concerns. We know when and how to apply thin or thick layers of mulch and the proper type of mulch for varied types of vegetation. We also know when to refresh mulch layers to enhance the health of a landscape as part of our year-round maintenance plan.

Likewise, several types of organic mulches are available, depending on their composition and purpose for lawns’ varied needs. For example, some mulch types are recommended for sunnier areas due to their light color, which reflects the heat from the ground, thus keeping the roots at an optimal temperature. Another aspect of mulch is knowing proper application to preserve its quality so it does not become a source for pest infestation and attack.