Spring & Fall Clean Ups

Spring and fall are two beautiful seasons. However, time, effort and money are required to remove winter and summer debris from yards, flower beds, and gardens in an optimal manner. Proper maintenance requires a plan to remove the vegetal and/or inorganic debris from a property. Avoiding such maintenance may lead to lawn and landscape problems and damages.

Therefore, Horizon Lawns offers spring and fall clean-ups for residential and commercial properties, creating a neat, clean, tidy lawn or landscape appearance – ready to thrive.

What Happens when Homeowners Do Not Perform Spring and Fall Cleanups?

Property owners may believe that leaving vegetal debris on the lawn surface is a beneficial thing; after all, nutritious mulch is made of vegetal debris, leaves, grass clippings, shredded bark and twigs. However, a huge difference exists in leaving behind freshly clipped grass blades and not cleaning the property: while clippings may lead to further soil fertilization, the latter invites and entertains pests and diseases.

Both spring and fall seasons are usually humid and provide the perfect environment for moisture- loving pests and diseases to thrive. This is why removal of logs, fallen twigs, branches, dead and dry leaves, dried flowers and buds, as well as dead grasses and thatch from ground surfaces is essential.
Why Should You Hire Horizon for Spring and Fall Cleanups?
Our company is highly prepared to perform regular inspections on your property and ensure that your lawn and landscape thrive healthily with no risks of pests and diseases. Our team members are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to render your property clean, tidy and attractive without negatively affecting the environment or damaging the existing vegetation.

While working on a property, we carry full insurance and workers’ compensation so the team members and site are safe. Moreover, all our employees are professionals who can perform even the heaviest or most dangerous tasks in complete safety and confidence.

We will arrive as scheduled, perform an evaluation and then begin cleaning the property as agreed. We use professional equipment and we leave the property only when all trash, debris and dangerous materials are properly disposed of and removed in compliance with local regulations.